Meet Our pastors

We welcome you to the Grace Harvest Website!

We are a church family that connects with each other through loving and caring groups. 

Come and join with us in celebration, worship, and hearing God`s word and being part of family. 

Jesus said "My words are Spirit and Life" - Life is expressed by allowing His life to flow through each one of us.  So it is not my reference point, or my emotions, opinions or experiences that make a difference, but Christ in me. God says that He loves you unconditionally, He delights in you and longs that you respond to His love and know Him as "Abba Father." 

He made the way for each of us to know Him as Father through the death and Resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, so that we can experience all that He has given us and live in freedom from condemnation and guilt, because of His grace. 

You are His masterpiece, designed by Him. He planned that you enjoy all that His grace supplies and be a success as you believe the promises in His Word that He has given you.

Pastors Duncan & Glen Filmer