the ministry

  • Wednesday Nights at 7pm

    Leader: Chuck Belgard

    Location: Grace Harvest Ministries

    For more Info: (805) 553-9501

  • Sundays at 10am

    Leaders: Glen Filmer

    Location: Grace Harvest Ministries

    For more Info: (805)553-9501

  • Leaders: Lisa Ward, Glen Filmer

    Location: (Varies)

    For  more info: (805) 553-9501

  • Mondays at 10am, Sunday 9am, Wednesday at 7pm

    Leaders: Glen Filmer, Pastor Duncan Filmer

    Location: Grace Harvest Ministries

    For more info: (805) 553-9501

  • Saturday at 7am

    Leader: Chuck Baddeley

    Location: Grace Harvest Ministires

    For more info: (805) 553-9501

  • For more info: (805)553-9501

  • Leader: Brenda Culver

    For more info: (805) 907-5269

  • Sunday at 6pm

    Leaders: Mike & Brenda Culver

    Location: The Culver's Home

    For more info: (805) 553-9501

Vision: "To know Him and make Him known"


A group of 2 or more people that meet weekly for the purpose of sharing Christ's life giving words, and to get to know each other through: evangelism, prayer, discussion of the Word, worship, and community involvement. Come join us in celebrating life in Christ, as a community! Whether you are already a follower of Christ, or someone who is interested in hearing more about becoming a follower of Christ, we invite you to Come --let's share what God is doing among us today!

For more information contact: 

Grace Harvest Ministries

(805) 553-9501